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Mizrahi Dance
to your community

Virtual discussions, demos, classes, and more!

Looking to bring a fun and interactive event to your community? Contact Jackie today to hear more about her customizable programming to fit your needs. Whether it's a discussion, lecture and presentation, dance demo or class, Jackie is committed to bring her passion for Mizrahi history and culture and her love and experience in dance into every event!

Recently she has lead virtual Mizrahi Dance workshops for the American Sephardi Federation, Jewish Institute of Experience, University of Southampton in England, William James College in Newton, MA, Imeinu Doulas, and the Triangle Jewish Community in North Carolina, and more. 

Topics include:

  • Experiencing Mizrahi history and culture through dance

  • Interactive presentation on MENA cultures through music and dance

  • Israel and its Mizrahi influence

  • What it means to be a Jewish belly dancer in the modern world

  • Young Mizrahi Jews reclaiming lost identities 

  • Mizrahi traditions around healing and spiritual dances


More about Jackie

Jackie Barzvi is a professional belly dance performer and instructor and the creator of the Mizrahi Dance Archive, which is an online collection of Jewish customs around dance from the Middle East and North Africa. Since creating the archive in 2020, Jackie has led educational Mizrahi dance programs for Jewish organizations around the world such as JIMENA: Jews Indigenous to the Middle East and North Africa, The Institute of Jewish Experience, Jewish Arts Collaborative, the Consulate General of Israel to New England, and more. Jackie was also an IACT Israel Programs Coordinator at Northeastern University Hillel in Boston, and has led over a dozen organized trips to Israel. Jackie is passionate about helping others find their unique Jewish identity and creating environments where people can dance, connect, and build community.  

She is so excited to merge her passions of dance and Judaism and cannot wait to bring Mizrahi culture, history, and movement to your community soon!

Read her recent interview with the Chatham Arts Council on her work fusing her passions of

dance and Judaism during COVID.

Hear what people have to say

"Jackie led an amazing workshop for the students and faculty at our College. She was incredibly adaptive and flexible during the planning process and exceptionally generous with her time. Jackie has the most vibrant and magnetic personality! She navigated the Zoom platform seamlessly and made genuine connections with the participants (even through a screen)! I was amazed how easily Jackie created an environment of warmth and safety. She demonstrated both inclusivity and sensitivity; encouraging movement that felt safe and comfortable for each participant. Her workshop was deeply thoughtful, educational, and gave voice to historically underrepresented communities. We feel so fortunate to have worked with Jackie and cannot wait to dance and learn with her again soon!"

- Emily C. 

William James College, Newton, MA

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